On 16th December, SALEACOM Final Conference will be held in Barcelona (Caixa Forum). This event will bring together researchers and community agents from the participant countries who will provide an enriching point of view about social transformation and overcoming of educational inequalities, focusing on the community empowerment, the role of teachers and access to higher education.
For the English interventions, there will be simultaneous translation available.
Program saleacom  (English version)
programa saleacom (cat) (Catalan version)
You can still make your registration here.


SALEACOM project is reaching its final period and its end is getting closer. For this reason we invite you all to the Final Conference that will take place on 16th December in the CaixaForum Barcelona (Spain) that will bring together participants from all countries involved in the project, sharing experiences, discussions and debates. You can make your registration here. In the coming days we will publish more information about it.


6th July. The seminar brought together three leaders on Education. Dr. Arnetha Ball (Stanford University), Dr. Lorri Santamaria (University of Auckland) and Dr. Cristina Santamaria (University of Indianapolis) shared with students and voluntaries from La Verneda Adults’ school their vision on the future of education.




During June and as part of the 15th anniversary celebration of the NIASE (UFSCar), in partnership with the Graduate Program in Science and Mathematics Education (PPGEdCM / UFSCar), Dr. Aitor Gómez, Dr. Rosa Valls and Dr. Iñaki Santa Cruz were involved in different seminars such as “Dialogue Feminism , New Masculinities and Preventive Socialization of Gender Violence in Universities”, pointing out their research results and findings. Saleacom researchers also visited schools as Learning Communities.



Support for CEU

Our colleagues from CEU have informed the consortium about a discriminatory situation that they are facing due to a legislation change that would affect their objectives as member of the international academic community and also their academic freedom.

In solidarity with the cause, there are different ways to be part of it:

1. Write a letter in solidarity — all necessary information including templates in English can be found here:
2. Share your solidarity on social media by using #istandwithCEU and using the #istandwithCEU profile picture
3. Send suggestions or notifications of support to:
4. Sign and share this petition started by a concerned professor:
5. Check the #IStandWithCEU page on the CEU website for news and further ways of help CEU:


Semi-plenary session SALEACOM at SIS16 congress. University of Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain)

27thof July. during the celebration of the 1st Conference on Social Impact of Science, Jo Lampert, co-director of the National Exceptional Teachers for Disadvantaged Schools program at Queensland University of Technology and Arnetha Ball, Co-Director of the Center for the study of Race, Ethnicity and Language (CREAL), Stanford Graduate School of Education, presented a session on societal challenges regarding Education for All. You can find more information about SIS16 here.

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SEMINAR Teachers that change the world. Experiences from three continents. University of Barcelona (Spain)

19thof July. The seminar brings together three leaders in teacher training for the transformation of social inequalities in different continents: United States of America, Australia, and Brazil. They will discuss the role of teachers and their training to work with excellence in vulnerable contexts. Two of the interventions will be in English with consecutive translation.


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Seminar Exceptional Teaching for Disadvantaged Schools. University of Deusto (Bilbao, Spain)

On 12thof July, Jo Lampert from Queensland University of Technology, Australia, as a partner of SALEACOM, presented NETDS, the Australian National Exceptional Teaching for Disadvantaged Schools program, focusing of its overview, impact and on-going Complexities at Deusto University, Bilbao(Spain).

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SALEACOM participates in the WERA Symposium closing ceremony at CIMIE 2016 International Congress. University of Seville. (Seville, Spain)

On 1st of July 2016, SALEACOM partners, Jo Lampert from Queensland University of Technology and Roseli Rodrigues from Federal University of Sao Carlos have participated in the 5th Multidisciplinary International Conference on Educational Research celebrated in Seville (Spain). The closing ceremony, led by Rocío García Carrión (University of Deusto) and president of AMIE, has a focus on Social Impact counted on the participation of an excellent table, completed by Verónica Villarán (GRADE, SIEP), Camille M. Wilson (University of Michigan), Jo Lampert (Queensland University of Technology) and Roseli Rodrigues de Mello (Federal University of Sao Carlos, NIASE) as a discussant.


Presenting SALEACOM at CIMIE 2016. Educational Research with Social Impact International Congress. University of Seville. (Seville, Spain)

On 1st of July 2016, Dr. Aitor Gómez (University Rovira i Virgili) and Vladia Ionescu, PhD Candidate (University Rovira i Virgili) presented SALEACOM project in the 5th Multidisciplinary International Conference on Educational Research celebrated in Seville (Spain) as Evidence-based Education Policy. The communication focused on the objectives, methodology, preliminary results and the conclusion withdrawn after the first year of implementation of the project.